What to Do if You Get Arrested

Nov. 19, 2016

f you get arrested for any reason, here are some tips to preserve your rights and still be respectful...

Always be polite when possible. Most police officers are good people and are doing their job. Do not give them a reason to think that you are a threat. However, if you are taken into custody, make sure to insist and demand your right to have an attorney present before you speak to the police. You do have the right to ask why you are being arrested. But remember that anything you say can be used against you. You can refuse to answer questions until your attorney is present.

If the police tell you they have a search warrant, you should ask to see the search warrant. Do not run away from the police or obstruct the police. These can lead to additional charges. Always keep your hands where the police can see them. Do not agree to allow the police to search your property. If they ask, kindly explain that you will not answer their question until your attorney is present. The only information you should give is your name and address. Do not sign anything until your attorney approves.

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