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A sudden slip-and-fall accident can do more than ruin your day. Every day, hundreds of people across the U.S. get seriously hurt in falls on poorly maintained floors, sidewalks, staircases, and other surfaces. They suffer extensive and painful injury to their necks, backs, hips and more.

If you are recovering from a slip-and-fall accident and facing mounting debts, as a result, contact Larson Law. With offices in Chicago and La Grange, Illinois, our legal team of aggressive litigators has helped hundreds of clients obtain maximum financial compensation from property owners in Greater Chicago.

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Premises Liability Law In Illinois

Stores, malls and other spaces open to the public owe visitors a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent and repair unsafe conditions, or at least post clear warnings. For example, a grocery store owner needs to make sure food spills get cleaned up right away or have a sign posted warning patrons that the floor is slippery. Also, the landlord of an apartment building must repair broken front steps promptly.

A slip-and-fall injury can cause long-term disability, forcing you to stop working and leaving you unable to take care of your children. Meanwhile, you may have undergone surgery to repair the damage, as well as physical rehabilitation and doctor visits. How will your family afford these bills?

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Our attorneys will take prompt action on your behalf. We will identify who negligently allowed you to get hurt and file suit. John Larson, our lead attorney, is known as a "shark" in the courtroom because of his aggressive litigation style. His clients' satisfaction is his top priority whenever he takes a case.

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